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Soul-based Mentoring helps you to deepen your access to the navigational power, unique expression, and evolutionary intelligence of your soul journey.

“Remember who you are, and let this knowing take you home with every breath.” Oriah Mountain Dreamer

If you want to mentor with someone who can hold a quality sacred space and perspectives rooted in Transpersonal Psychology, Coaching, & Nature-based Shamanic philosophy, Soul-based Mentoring with Rain Czupryna offers you a grounded partnership for personal, professional, and spiritual development.

Can you feel what is happening in you at the level of soul within your daily human experience?

What is your soul calling you towards?

Explore and express your longing, your purpose, vision, your birthright of belonging to the natural world, web of life, and gift you bear for the times we are in. 

Helping you to come ‘home’ within…

and to walk the conscious, soul-oriented path that brings you alive.

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